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>>> this morning one of baltimore's finest is in critical condition. we have the latest on the shooting of an baltimore police officer. >>> caramel low anthony makes a huge donation. >>> you are lucky if you hit the lottery. if you never cash that ticket it is a whole other stor . we'll tell you about that coming up. in the meantime good friday morning. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll check in with jamie later in the show. in the meantime we appreciate you being here. i'll send it over to justin with a look at the weather. >>> moderate to heavy rain in carroll county. frontal boundary sliding through. getting injection of energy and moisture from the west of the system that will reach us over the weekend. heavy rain in westminster. moderate toward the east i-40 down through liberty reservoir and 795. hunt valley heavy rain. light rain around the city itself. looks like we'll have this band of rain slide through in the next hour or two. 65 glen burnie. some spots in the upper 50s. it's rained for a couple of hours then we'll try to break out sun back to only
. >>> a baltimore county woman competes on "jeopardy." a live report coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. >>> baltimore city police want to alert you of a scam. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. police are looking for at least one man coning people out of hundreds of dollars but posing as a city worker and threatening to shut off their water. brian kuebler spoke with one victim. >> reporter: the latest scam is as simple as it is clever. baltimore city police are warning that a man dressed up as a city employee is telling residents to pay up the exact amount of their water bill or they will be shut off. >> we learned about this, actually -- end of last week and yesterday we found we have our potential first victim. >> reporter: we spoke to that victim by phone today who tells us the man was dressed up like a city worker and knew exactly how much she owed. he asked for the money in cash, she paid the $500. we're convinced this victim was -- hop on the baltimore city web site, click on "look up water bill" information, type in an address and there's the outstanding balance. a
>>> slow down or pay the price. a plan to put speed cameras in baltimore county. >> tonight, complete coverage of the controversy as lawmakers put the issue to a vote. >> people are talking about tonight. >> baltimore county council did put that issue to a vote and voted in favor of allowing speed cameras. but it is a decision that's not sitting well with others. new at 11, kevin explains tonight's decision. >> reporter: as you know, speed cameras have been a hut issue all year all across maryland and tonight even though no one at the meeting knew what this new fish tiff would cost, it it was -- it was approved in the name of safety. some baltimore county taxpayers are offering up ways to catch speeders other than installing speed cameras near school zones. they say it's on unwarranted invasion of privacy an simply a money maker. >> three out of ten times they accuse the wrong person. what they know is by setting a ticket price at $40 people will simply pay the ticket and move on with their life. that's why in our opinion, this is as much of a money as it is about safety. >>
addresses the nation's students. how the speech became political in one baltimore city schools. >> so heavy it hurt. how a big purse can leave women in pain. >> more rain forth work week when we can see the worst in my sky watch forecast. >>> and let the love triangle begin. what you will see in begin. what you will see in the new melrose hello. >> police are trying a tough new plan to crack down on crime in south west baltimore neighborhood. >> comes after several murder and shooting of 5-year-old girl. keith live tonight at police headquarters with the latest on the story tonight. keith. >>reporter: police are calling designated area a safe zone. part of a city program called operation protect. now police are focused on the carol ridge community in the will helm area. they have already reached patrol and it's a safe zone that means police will monitor everyone's comings and goings with just a few entry points from noon to 10:00 p.m. wednesday through sunday during the next month. now carol ridge is a troubled neighborhood pushed into the news in july when someone shot a five year
. >> fbi searches the home of baltimore police officer. what he is accused of doing at crime scenes. >>> we have canine flu. swine flu. is there anything else out there that i don't know about. >> trouble for the dog world. find out how close dog flu is to baltimore. >>> we were distraught. to said least. >> woman expecting a baby finds out it is not hers. what went wrong? >> another warm autumn day but change is on the way. cooler day ahead in my sky watch forecast. >>> good evening. >> baltimore police officer is arrested on federal charges. he's accused of stealing reward money and property seized during searches. >> we are live outside the federal courthouse tonight with the story. melinda? >>reporter: well, detective mark lunsford is a baltimore city police officer who was assigned with a special drug task force. so he often worked with federal agents to try and catch suspected drug dealers. but few months ago he became a suspect himself after the feds got a tip regarding corruption. lunsford was accused of stealing expensive jewelry during some searches including a dia
killed in baltimore yesterday. >> a student used a samurai sword to kill him. >> john told police he heard a noise in his garage. when he got there, he found donald rice, a man with an incredibly long criminal record, he told police -- police say john said rice lunged at him. it was a fatal confrontation early yesterday morning. john struck rice with a sword, cut off his hand and slashed his upper body. police say rice lived in the 600 block of east 27th street. prosecutors say he's a man with 29 convictions. some of them resulting from the same incident, and mostly misdemeanors. he's a repeat offender, part of a group police say is one of the city's biggest problems. >> i think it points out the fact that, if we're going to make this city safe and achieve substantial decreases in violence, especially, we have to figure out ways to hold violent criminals accountable and keep them in jail. >> we are back here live. police are still investigating. rice had just been released saturday from the baltimore county detention center after serving time for stealing a car in the city. of course
>>> we have the information about what happened this morning in southeast baltimore. linda so reports on why police felt they had no choice but to use deadly force. >>> would you know a gang member if you saw one in front of you? those who protect us are having trouble with legales, we'll explain. >>> and the stamp of approval for the swine flu vaccine next month. we'll have the details. >>> thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's look at the weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 6:30. let's start off here, 6:31 with maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we've had some heavy rain come through. if you're watching us in baltimore city, anne arundel county, you're likely dry but we've had heavy rain on the top side of the beltway, now pushing through aberdeen, here's havre de grace, 95 in harford county is slow because of heavy rain through periman, this is coming down really heavy and the point that it's going to make you slow down on the roads, you just had it on fallston and bel air, it's moving east. top side of 83 from c
. jennifer is on assignment tonight. baltimore mayor demanding answer as to why a contract city proposed slot site did not go out for bid. we have the latest on the story tonight. joy. >>reporter: jeff it is true bylaw necessity project above 25,000 dollars is supposed to be open for bid. but as we learned, there is a way around this law. it is that stipulation the baltimore development corporation is citing why demolition at the proposed site for slots was not advertised publicly. the job netted one contractor close to 3 79,000 dollars. mayor dixon is concerned with the project not going through the proper process. >> when i say process meaning that it goes out to public bid and that it goes to the board of estimate. so i'm really right at this point just hearing about it this morning. 3 disappointed and not pleased and i'm going to look into why they took the authority to take the process because that's not a transparent and open process. >>reporter: we talked with other politician whose shared the mayor concern and they requested a briefing from the baltimore development corpo
old with a lengthy criminal record. he had just been released from a baltimore county facility last saturday. >>> and the student and his roommate's accounts of the incident may be critical in dearth whether the sword-wielding occupant of the home faces charges. jeff hager has more on the potential legal fallout from this case. >> reporter: confronted by a student wielding a samurai sword the alleged burglar lost his hand and then lost his life. while the student had left his house and entered a detached garage where he discovered the intruder police say he still may have been within his legal rights to strike that fatal blow. >> people do have a right to defend themselves. samurai swords are not illegal in baltimore city. >> reporter: while it's still early in the police investigation and the case has not yet been handed over to the city state's attorney's office it certainly raises interesting legal questions. as to whether the victim in this case will ultimately be charged or for that matter prosecuted. a university of maryland school of law professor and attorney andrew levy say
2 1/2 years, three involving residents of frederick county. >>> a baltimore county man is in hospital after anne arundel county police had to shoot him. the police say it started with a traffic stop. the man fled and struck an officer in the process. the police say he tried to run them over again in baltimore county. officers said they were forced to shoot but he got away. he was later apprehended after checking himself into say agnes hospital with multiple gunshot wounds -- after checking himself into st. agnes hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. >>> baltimore county police are looking for a person who killed an elderly man and white march. the police said it received a call last night that the man was in cardiac arrest. by the time to respond, he had already died. an autopsy showed the manner of death was homicide. there is no word on how he was killed. >>> a shooting investigation in baltimore county. the police say a man believed to be in his 20's were shot around 3:30. he's being treated at shock trauma. no arrests have been made. >>> we started today with the s
exposing acorn. why the acorn employee in baltimore probably won't be prosecuted. >> great start to the work week with temperatures in the 80's but rain is coming. when to expect the showers in my sky watch forecast. >>> maybe we could try this again? >> and how the stunt kanye west pulled on the bma could keep him from the show in the future. >>> hello. >> baltimore man is in the hospital in critical condition after being shot several times by a city police officer. >> it happened during an attempted home invasion at the officer's house in northeast baltimore. keith live at the scene with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> well, we are live in the 3600 block of white avenue. the shooting happened here but it all began few blocks away at the police officer's home. now it happened at about 1:00 o'clock today. investigators say the off duty officer who was not in uniform was at the door of the house in the 3600 block of glen arm when a man approached and put a gun to the officers back. now police say the suspect forced the officer inside. told him to lay on the floor.
. >> 2 teens accused of shooting baltimore police officer. why one suspect is behind bars just days before the shooting. >>> because i was really scared to send my children this morning. >> swine flu scare. when vaccine might get to baltimore. >>> texting behind the wheel. it will soon be against the law in maryland. the question surrounding how the ban will be enforced. >>> rain moves out and cooler temperatures roll in. how low the temperatures will get in the temperatures will get in my sky watch forecast >> good evening. jeff is off tonight. fox 45 has learned one of the 2 teenagers accused in the shooting of a baltimore city police officer was arrested just a week before the shooting. and then was back out on the streets. crime justice reporter is here with the story. joy? >>reporter: a lot of new information coming out surrounding the 2 suspects arrested and officer harris attempted murder case. the most alarming is where the 16-year-old wilson was actually behind bars a week before the shooting. police brought him in on retake warrant. that sort of warrant is
grenade? how a baltimore county home is robbed of world war ii grenades. >>> that robbery is a worry but this is a heist $60 million worth of artwork gone. good morning. that story and a lot more just ahead. >>> in the meantime, thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's find out about the weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen showing a couple more cool days here. we didn't slip back into the 40s, we can thank the cloud cover for that, but that cloud cover will make it feel much cooler as we head through the morning itself. 56 in baltimore. 59 easton. we have a gusty wind averaging up to 10 miles per hour. showers back to our north and west and could be a sprinkle near the pennsylvania line but that is not our main story today. it's really about the clouds and breeze. temperature not moving much as we head into the afternoon. mostly cloudy to partly sunny and a high of only 67. >>> 5:30 on the clock. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. traffic is running along smoo
. >> questions tonight about 3 baltimore city cops. what they may have done with a rape report this got them suspended. >> he bit my pinkie finger off. >> fight over health care that september one man home in stitches. hear from a man missing a finger. >> perfect temperatures to end the week.i'll tell you if this great weather will continue through labor day weekend in my sky watch forecast. >>> and the remaining "american idol" judge that may be becoming more like paula. >> live. hello. >> prominent baltimore developer pleads guilty to violating campaign finance laws. >> john appeared in baltimore city circuit court this afternoon as part of ongoing investigation into city council woman helen holton. >> john standing by live from certificate court downtown with the very latest on the story tonight. john what can you tell us at this hour? >>reporter: well, jeff, in court john pat said very little but he answered questions from judge sweeney and then he pleaded guilty. john pat and developer ronald lipscomb paid 12,000 500 dollars paid politically to holton. lipscomb paid t
to run, glory days, philadelphia, the boss is coming to baltimore. lots of you are wanting to see him pla . we'll check in with linda. she's down there live. in the meantime thank you forjoining us this morning. >>> 6:30. temperatures ranging 60-65. the rain has been general carroll county to baltimore county and south of harford county. you have had moderate rain in white marsh through middle river. let's pull this wider and show you downtown baltimore just missed it. while they are getting moderate to heavy rain in westminster they are dealing with a band of precipitation sliding south. i-70 you'll hang on with that. it stays wet. we are watching a back edge pushing in through garrett county across the pa line. we'll deal with the rain for a couple of hours and pushing towards the eastern shore. there is our temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we are aiming for breaks in the overcast. back to a cooler 72. now to kim brown for a check of the roads. >> we are starting off fine on route 50 and 57. traffic building but no problems. route 50 towards capital beltway. if you are northbound 97
fell on the baltimore area and it's not over yet. how much is coming in the sky watch forecast. >> i walked out here this morning and thought i was in a pool. >>reporter: destruction one family will be cleaning up when the weather clears. >>> 8 september have come and gone. nearly 3000 days have passed. almost one for each of those taken from us. >>reporter: how the nation honored and remembered the eighth anniversary of september 11. >>>. >> the work week ends in baltimore with a day of soaking rain. >> downpours caused trees to fall and roads to close because of all that standing water. hello. >> heavy rain is causing other problems as well. >> being blamed for a roof collapse at an apartment complex in west baltimore. keith live at that scene with the very latest on the story tonight. keith, how are things out there tonight. >> we are live at the rosemont garden apartment in the 2400 block of winchester street here. people who live here say it was a mess waiting to happen and it did finally with this steady downpour today. now parts of the roof and at least sex units have f
the state to do. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore. this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. more new developments tonight in the acorn scandal. >> and more calls for investigations, even from the non-profit group itself. now, fifth undercover video is released. >> latest apparent shows a acorn worker in san diego california helping a couple pose as a pimp and a prostitute planning to transport underage girls from el salvador into the country. >> where is the best place. like all of these answers he wants right away. >> why? >> because i have a lot of contacts. >> they may be able to assist in crossing the border? >> yeah. >> worker told the couple he wants all further communications about this plan on e-mail only. governor arnold schwarzenegger has called for a complete investigation. and after a series of undercover videos, including one right here in baltimore, acorn's own ceo said it will stop taking clients and bring in independent investigators. >> on capitol hill several lawmakers are calling for a federal inve
in dundalk. baltimore county officials are shooting down claims made by scam artists who say they've been ordered to come in and handle the clean-up. the county says that is not the case. the better business bureau warns similar scams will likely circulate so you've got to arm yourself with information before starting your repairs. otherwise you could pay the price. >> could be shoddy work, work that doesn't last, work that doesn't add dollar value to your home improvements could actually exacerbate the situation so it's all about the money. >> the better business bureau advises that before you pick a contractor and sign a contract find out what your insurance will cover, get multiple quotes in writing and make sure the company you choose is licensed with the maryland home improvement commission. >>> governor martin o'malley has granted authority to the maryland attorney general's office to investigate the activist group acorn. this comes after the release of undercover videos including one shot in baltimore that apparently shows two acorn employees giving fraudulent tax advice to a coup
looking at it local, but a national issue. >> prominent baltimore attorney jumps into the acorn controversy. the legal action against the undercover filmmakers. >> a raid and an arrest. the case against a baltimore police officer. >> and waiting for the boss. who is camping out tonight for bruce springsteen tickets. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. we are currently on the scene of some breaking news happening in northwest baltimore tonight. where an off-duty police officer has been shot. myranda stephens joins us now from the scene live. with the latest details on this breaking and developing story tonight. myranda, what can you tell us at this hour? >> well, jennifer and jeff, baltimore city police spokesperson has confirmed to us, that an off duty officer has been shot, in the stomach. the shooting happened just about an hour ago. here in the 6000 block of high gate drive in northwest baltimore. we don't have a lot of information at this time. but we do know
. why baltimore firefighters are fighting back against talk of furloughs or layoffs. >> outrageous advice. what happened to those that offered tax tips to people posing as pimps, and prostitutes. >> and an extra long test drive. the unusual guarantee from gm. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. breaking news. >> police on the scene of a shooting. happened at york road and radnor avenue. two shot. one shot in the head. and died. the other was shot in the leg and arm. and moments earlier, a man walked into a nearby fire station with a gunshot wound. police are trying to figure out if he is connected to shooting. >> ongoing fight between baltimore city and the fire union rages on. >> myranda stephens is live outside of city hall latest tonight. myranda? >> well, jennifer and jeff, the fire union has rejected the late he request to trim the budget. only adding more fuel to an already growing fire. the city is now asking the union to reduce its budget by about $3 million. eith
>>> gone too soon. tragedy for one baltimore county community as two teens are killed and a police officer is injured in a car crash. >> my sister, my family, we're hurt. >> tonight a community gathers to mourn the victims. >> hello, i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> a baltimore city police officer is fighting for his life tonight after crashing on a highway in pennsylvania. the officer's son and son's girlfriend did not survive. eyewitness news is live outside shock trauma tonight. kelly mcpherson attended an emotional vigil for the victims. >> reporter: it was very emotional. the officer is hear at shock trauma. his brother-in-law tells me the man is starting to talk now but is obviously traumatized by what has happened to his son and his son's girlfriend. >> she was like my sister, like my family is hurt, and i never knew how close she was until she was gone. >> reporter: few in the large crowd could hold back tears monday night as they mourned two 2009 graduates killed in a car crash. >> mikey, number 44 on that football f
in baltimore county, it is the city's water system that burst. >> every three months we get a bill from the water company that was city water that flooded our house. it is the city that is responsible as far as i am concerned. >> neighbor is helping neighbor. >> she says the county is trying to fill the holes left by insurance is. >> the county would be looking to also cover those things like the emergency type of situation where you have the heating system needs to be replaced or the electrical panel needs to be replaced or a faulty water hoover. those kinds of items. people's possessions -- water heater. neither the county nor the state can cover personal possessions. >> some of it cannot be replaced. >> my son's wedding can never be replaced. my daughter's wedding can never be replaced. the tapes are destroyed from the water. >> we called the city's legal department looking for answers but our calls were not returned. there is a meeting in saturday from 10-4 at the community center. all county agencies will represented there. wbal tv 11 news. >> in baltimore city police detective arr
. baltimore state attorney says mandatory consecutive sentences for criminals are critical. >> what we want to do is to make sure that both individuals who are stealing and robbing our youth of their future are the ones that we use this statute with and that we put them away for as long as possible. >>reporter: but the aclu says young people should not be prosecuted for being associated simply with gangs. >> teenager charged with raping a 7-year-old girl in crofton back in march will be tried as an adult. andarundle county judge said part of the decision came from the fact that 17-year-old davis admitted his action were his wrong. several experts testified that he has an autism related disorder and learning disabilities. he is facing 19 charges and scheduled to go on trial at the end of the month. >>> senate votes to halt funding to acorn days after controversial video surfacing showing them giving tax advice for illegal activity. house leader sent letters encouraging them to cut funding as well. he says acorn is incapable of using federal funds in a manner consistent with federal law
behind the long list of delays. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we are learning more tonight about the criminal past of the intruder that was killed by the sword waving hopkins student. >> keith daniels is live at the scene with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> well, jeff, live in the 300 block of east university parkway. the incident happened behind that gate and tonight we know it involved a man whose latest suspected crime may have cost him his life. >> police say john pon allele o the hopkins student heard a noise in the garage and looked inside and found donald rice a man with a incredibly lengthy record. >> we have many repeat offenders in the city. >> he told police rice lunged at him. it was a the fatal confrontation, early tuesday morning. the student struck rice with a sword. cutoff his hand and slashed his upper body. rice died later. city prosecutors say the intruder was a 49-year-old man with 29 prior con on convictions. for crimes like breaking an enter
in your home. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. it is a story you saw first on fox. now another disturbing video has surfaced. this one from an acorn office in san bernardino california. >> for the fourth time since only last week, an independent producer releases a video, showing an acorn worker giving business advice to a couple pretending to be sinct up a prostitution business and using underage girls from el salvador on. this time the worker reveals that she used to run her own escort service and that she killed her husband, apparently in self defense. >> well, the first video released from an office here in baltimore. and tonight we have learned that the organization is potentially operating illegally in the state of maryland. >> keith daniels is standing by live in lower charles village with latest on this side of the story. keith? >> live outside the local office on west 25th street. it is an organization under fire again. as we mentioned. acorn came
. >> a natural controversy involving a baltimore acorn office. what they were caught doing on tape. >> president obama a liar? what the lawmaker who yelled the accusation is saying about his out burst. >>> the possibility of more rain as we end the work week. if it will clear up by the fwheend my sky watch forecast. >>> she is going to be funny. i think she will bring a different kind of perspective. >> new judge for "american idol". who will be replacing paula abdul on the hit show. >>>. >> good evening. i'm jennifer. >> i'm jeff. police say a child sex ring operated in a suburban maryland community for more than three years before the operation was busted. >> kathleen joins us with more. >>reporter: 42-year-old shelby lewis is facing federal charges of sex trafficking. neighbors in the prince georges county community say they never noticed anything suspicious. police say the sex ring had been operating at lewis home in temple hills. lewis has been charged with using 4 young teens as prostitutes. a gun and photo of the victims were confiscated from the house as evidence. on
:30. >>> warning tonight from baltimore couldn't police after a robber steals guns and grenades from a home. world war ii collectible were stolen last week from a home in monk. caretaker doesn't remember whether grenade were his live. anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call please at this number on the screen. >>> maryland health officials clarify what you need to know to stay protected from the swine flu. shipping of the vaccine will begin in october few days from now. healthy adults will need only one shot. children 9 and younger will need 2 doses. as of now schools will stay open but school officials are being encouraged to monitor and even isolate sick students. everyone should do their part to stay healthy. >> a little elbow bump. shake of hands. wash your hands frequently. and monitoring isolating sick people. >>reporter: you can find out more about what the state is doing to keep you healthy by logging on to fox slash news limping. also call the state flu hotline. number is 1 8 77-md flu for you. look at this map. it shows the area the state in
, baltimore's automated speed monitoring program begins. dozens of speed cameras are going up around the city. in fact we saw one installed today at the almeida and 33rd street in northeast baltimore. for the first month drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will get a warning in the mail. after that you're subject to a $40 citation. >>> in other news -- a baltimore middle school decide diagnosed with the h1n1 virus has died. just a week before the state is expecting its first shipment vaccine. her family returned to montebello academy today where the eighth grade student, destinee parker, first reported she had become ill last week. family members say tests at the university of maryland medical center confirmed she had contracted the swine flu. >> they say this is about the ninth person. another couple lost their daughter. she was 14. >> state health officials say destinee parker had no apparent underlying medical conditions. this is the second pediatric fatality tied to the virus in maryland. >>> the federal government gave state officials the go-ahead today to
in this new school year. >> reporter: in baltimore city classes were able to watch the speech live, sort of. >> you'll need the insight and critical thinking skills you gained in history and social studies. >> reporter: technical problems put the kabash on things halfway through but teacher sean martin read the speech out loud with students following along. >> city schools considered this a teachable moment so did others who watched with the class. >> if you heard the comments of these young people they said it was nice to hear from somebody who could relate to them and who they felt considered them important. >> reporter: but for folks who saw the speech they said they really didn't hear a lot of politics. they heard the same old things their parents tell them all the time, try to do well. >> he went through what we went through so he knows how it feels to be in our shoes. coming from him it makes me feel like i can be what i want to do. >> reporter: other school districts plan on allowing teachers to decide if they will use the speech in their class. they are all allowing parents to opt o
. >> baltimore city police have a police-involve shooting to tell you about. linda so live in our studio with what happened all new since 11:00. >> two undercover officers were working the drug beat overnight in southeast when police say one was nearly stabbed by a drug suspect. officers with the monument street initiative were trying to make a drug arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street. this is exclusive video from our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill. police say they were forced to shoot the suspect after he tried to attack one of the officers with a knife. that suspect later died at the hospital >> shortly after midnight, this morning, officers from the monument street initiative were conducting a drug arrest in the 2800 block of orleans street. officers encountered a suspect, the suspect tried to stab an officer in the back. the partner witnessed this, withdrew his service weapon and fired multiple shots in defense of the officer. >> reporter: the officer who opened fire is on routine administrative leave. police haven't released the name of the suspect who wa
. the baltimore city county will decide if speed cameras will go up in school zones. we have mary bubala with the story. >> reporter: good morning. these cameras remain controversial, but it appears the baltimore city county will give them the green light. the baltimore county council is being asked to approve the speed zone cameras around the county. >> this is about public safety. >> reporter: this year, the general assembly approved a speed camera bill leaving it up to local governments to decide if they want the cameras in construction zones and school zones. if approved, the cameras would go in school zones. drivers caught going more than 12 miles per hour over the limit could face a $40 fine. not everybody thinks it is a good idea. >> there are no parameters limiting how the bill may be expanded. it leaves it wide open. >> reporter: baltimore county's police chief disagrees. >> my office is staying out of the discussion regarding any revenues this may generate. i would remind the motoring public, if we abide by the laws, it generates nothing. >> reporter: if the measure is approved
for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v . >> shocking charges against a baltimore police officer. why federal agents raided his home. >> a baltimore middle school student in the hospital with the swine flu. we will tell you about her condition tonight. >> well, pretty much this is an environmental disaster. >> and fighting back against gag gels of geese, how one man turned it into a full-time job. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. baltimore police officer is facing federal charges. >> authorities say he stole property from crime scenes and took kickbacks on reward money from informants. melinda roeder live tonight at city police headquarters with the more on the story. melinda? >> these are pretty serious charges if convicted. detective mark lunsford could face up to 20 years necessity a federal prison, and already suspended from the city police force. >> the commissioner has made it very clear that he will hold his officers be accountable. >> baltimore police officials say
public confidence. >> reporter: we can tell you there's also a claim that lunsford used some baltimore city money, perhaps grant money, that the city may have received in order to carry out this corrupt scheme of his. the officer was with the baltimore city police department for 20 years. tonight he's suspended without pay. much more from police and more from the u.s. attorney later tonight at 11:00. for now, live outside of baltimore city police headquarters, delia goncalves, abc2 news. >> thank you. >>> we are following yet another developing story tonight. baltimore city fire officials now investigating the death of a man who was trying to get medical attention at a local fire station. abc2 news christian schaffer joins us live from engine 52 at woodbrook and liberty heights avenue. >> reporter: it's not clear what was wrong with the man or what he died from. we do know he came here tuesday morning looking for help with -- but engine 52 and its crew weren't here. they were out having maintenance done on their oxygen mafntion. the city's fire houses are not emergency rooms. crews lea
. >>> it was ruled suicide, but the family of a well-known baltimore businessman says they don't buy it. what they're demanding now. >>> dangerous roads. three motorcycle accidents this weekend. the condition of the the drivers ahead. >>> we saw a decent day. nice warm temperatures in the 80s. a few showers south of the city. will we get more rain for labor day? that's next. >>> uninvited guests. how this bear got in and what he did next. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> i'm jennifer gilbert. >>> the family of a prominent businessman wants baltimore to reopen the investigation into his death. this week they are making a public plea. melinda roeder is live, where the family gathers to gather for a "cry of justice." >>reporter: politically he was a controversial figure, but he was also a successful businessman and when he was found shot to death, investigators called it "a suicide" but his family never believed it. >> i won't accept it. i will never accept it. >>reporter: cheryl clay said she wants answers and justice. >> robert clay d
be keeping an eye on drivers in the baltimore area. we'll tell you where they are being installed. >> hello. >> first on fox tonight. spike in crime in northwest baltimore and some say a lack of space at reck center could be to blame. >> joy live outside the recreation center with the very latest on the story tonight. joy? >>reporter: the center that you see behind me used to be a police pal center until several months ago when the city department of recreation and parks took it over. well with the transition came a lot of new programs. programs aimed at the entire community not just at risk youth. will says that's resulting in kids returning to the street and committing crimes. while we were outside the cc jackson recreation center we were caught in a crime scene after man shot in the ankle by man wield ago shotgun. >> this is exactly what we talk about. when the kids don't have anywhere to go. anything to do, this is what happens. this is the result. it's unfortunate. >>reporter: now tonight at 10:00 we are taking a lock at the numbers and seeing how serious of a spike in crime t
. it is causing quite a stench in the affected area. live in baltimore county, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> that brings us to our question of the day. should baltimore city an baltimore couldn't both help pay for damage from friday's massive water main break. just two to our web seat and tell us what you think. response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> many residents woke up this morning still without power. many of the remaining homes are on shane way where families powerless going on 4 days now. bge can't restore the power until electricians give them the okay. homeowner say they are beyond frustrated. >> it's crazy. pretty much unlivable. no electric trek. no gas. can't get anything turned back on until we get electrician down there to isolate all the electric in the basement. >>reporter: some 33 homes are still without electricity. >> as family weighed through the aftermath of all the flood damage, police chasing away predators hoping to take advantage of this situation. officials say private contractors have been turning up claiming to be sent by the count
. it appears to be working in a west baltimore neighborhood. in june we highlighted the washington village development association's efforts to fight crime in their neighborhood. the wvda posted a video on youtube highlighting four alleged drug offenders in their area. a couple months later all but one has been arrested and charged. >> the pigtown's most wanted video did the trick. three of the four alleged drug dealers we highlighted on our pigtown's most wanted video on youtube have been arrested, they are facing serious charges. two of them haven't been seen in pigtown, that has worked wonders. >> the wvda says it will continue to make these types of videos until the entire criminal element is forced out. >>> it's something governor martin o'malley has been pushing for and now is getting some help. 19 other governors are now joining him in support of a prison cell phone jamming bill. in a letter sent to congress the governors say thousands of illegal calls are made by prisoners a year enabling them to plan and coordinate crimes from behind bars. here in maryland the high-profile murder
. >> harris a brave map and he fought back. >> baltimore city police officer shot outside his home. tonight the surprising age of the people charged with the crime. >>> baltimore city teen. sick from swine flu. what is being done to keep other children safe. >> ready for the weekend? but you might be able to get in some activity tomorrow. will the showers arrive in the sky watch forecast. >>> and how resident of dunn dock coping one week to the day after the massive water mane break. >>> hello. >> 2, 16-year-old now charged with the shooting of an off duty police officer in northwest baltimore. tonight officer aaron harris remains at the hospital recovering from 3 gunshot wounds. >> kathleen live from outside police headquarters with the latest development in the case tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: jeff, police say that the motive for this shooting was robbery and the 2 teenagers who were arrested were already very familiar with the juvenile justice system. wilson was arrested at his home. craig till was arrested when he showed up at sinai hospital with gunshot wound to the
. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. told you last night beaconfrontation between a police officer and a teenage skateboarder that triggered a lawsuit. >> a judge has thrown out the case, but tonight the boy's mother said the legal battle is not over. keith daniels live at the inner harbour with the latest on the story tonight. keith what can you tell us? >> skateboarders name z is eric bush, 14 at the time of the incident. and his friends were here at the inner harbour that day to record skateboard stunts. and they caught more than that on tape when bush was confronted by a baltimore city police officer. >> eric bush is 16, and avid skateboarder still baffled over the confrontation with the baltimore city police officer. >> were you angry with the cop? >> yeah i was upset ask scared. >> shut your mouth i am talking. >> happened in the summer of 2007. officer rivera confronted bush, then 14, for illegally skateboarding at the inner harbour. >> when i am talking to you you shut your mo
tenants say it is not a surprise. >> almost 2 inches of rain fell on baltimore today. and it is not over yet. how soggy saturday could be coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> a shooting in a baltimore bus stop. new developments tonight. >> and tax tips for a person posing as a prosecute. what a hidden camera revealed at two acorn offices. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a day long soaking rain hits the baltimore area. >> the downpours caused trees to fall and roads were closed because of all the standing water. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. heavy rain is causing other problems as well. >> it is blamed for a roof collapse in a apartment complex in west baltimore. keith daniels is live at the scene with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> jeff live outside the rosemont garden apartments. people that live here say it was a mess waiting to happen. and tonight we know it finally did. after a steady day of rain today. >> at the rose on mont gardens apartment on winchester street. people that live in the top
one shot to fight it off. >>> remember the show "the wire" painting baltimore with a hard brush but this time we're getting rewired. >>> those stories and a lot more coming up. >> let's take a look at the weather for the day. >> lots of rain out there. it's dreary. ing see the wet streets downtown. looking at 57 degrees relative humidity. we had the it a's spreading rain across most of the state. it's been raining hard on eastern shore all night. we're looking at 57 degrees. look agent rain and showers throughout the day. check out the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: a sloppy commute. traffic is running below speeds. there are several accidents to report. reisterstown road and 67, one in the left lane and one accident in the right lane. the outer loop between wilkins avenue and 95, that crash is blocking a lane causing delays in the area. northbound 95 between washington boulevard and russell street, there is a crash reported in that area as well. as we look at the jfx and northern parkway, traffic appears to be moving well in both directions. back to you. >>> at first, we did
>> tough decisions when it is time. >> baltimore's budget deficit. how city workers will pay the price. >> the skate board confrontation what the mother of the boy plans to do next. >> the autumn heat is around how high the temperatures will go and how long before we get wetter weather. >> niejel's predictions for season 6 of, so you think you can dance. >> what does it mean? means we have to tighten up. baltimore's budgets bust. what jobs will be cuts. whol be furloughs how it will effect residents. >> one of those obvious things that you cut. when you are trying to save money. >> also tonight questions surrounding city worker travel expenses. >> hello i'm jeff barns i'm jennifer gillbert another round of budget cuts including furloughs and layoffs. we have the latest with john. >> reporter: this call fors the layoff of 27 people including a top fire commander and others furloughed between now and spring it is an effort to reduce the deficit of 60 million dollars. >> furloughs a tool for reducing cost during difficult budget times joochl booklet more's finance direc
. those details in my skywatch forecast. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good food. >> baby-back ribs. polish sausage. >>reporter: good fun and good spirits. >> so much adrenalin. >>reporter: football is back in baltimore. >>> good evening. i'm jennifer gill befrment >>> football is back in baltimore. this was opening day for the ravens who played host to the kansas city chiefs to get the 2009 season underway. bruce cunningham joins us with the highlights. bruce? >> the weather was night. the stadium was jammed and the ravens were heavily favored over the kansas city chiefs. all the ingredients for a memorable opening day. it was memorable all right, maybe too memorable. late first quarter, he fakes the handoff. he's looking and can't find anybody. he buys time with his feet and finds willis in the flat. he'll take it in for the three-yard touchdown. big-time play and the ravens led 10-7 at the half. just over two minutes to go, tied at 24. going deep down the middle. 31 yards. the ravens reclaim the lead at 3
our reporter is live with the latest. >> the baltimore county council passed the measure by a popular 6-1 vote with a few amendments including increasing the number of cameras to 15 from 12. it will be placed within a half mile radius of a school zone throughout the county. >> aye. the bill passes as amended. >> speed cameras are official in baltimore county. the boat is coming as no surprise as the cameras have received strong support of from both the majority of the council and baltimore county's chief of police all along. >> the council made a wise decision. >> chief jim johnson would not reveal where the cameras would be placed, but they will be oliver the counting using a variety of factors. >> -- all over the county using a variety of factors. >> we will use common sense as to the placement of these cameras. >> not everyone agrees with the cameras. members of the baltimore chapter of americans for prosperity which recently filed an ethics complaint against county executive jim smith overbidding concerns had ideas of its own. the group's co-chair told us that they wo
>>> critical condition, the baltimore police officers condition worsens. >> days after he's shot in a box robbery. >>> here is what people are talking about today. we've just learned that city police officer has been moved from sinai hospital to shock trauma, and live in the news room with the latest on police and the status of the suspects in this case. good afternoon, sally. >> reporter: good afternoon, everybody. police say detective aaron harris has already had at least five surgeries, as he struggles to recover from a bullet wound to the stomach. police say two teens, 16 year old kevin wilson and craig tillet approached officer harris outside his northwest baltimore home while he was off duty. harris was shot three times in the stomach and the leg and then managed to return fire with his service weapon. police tracked down the two teens when tillet walked into sinai hospital with a gun shot wound. >> both will remain behind bars charged as adults. the preliminary hearing is scheduled for october eighth. >>> a warning to the public this noon, baltimore county police say a bur
. >> reporter: vaccination clinics like this one are popping up throughout baltimore. city and county schools have seen an abnormally high number of student absences this week. they're urging parents to keep sick kids home, wash hands frequently. and be on alert. >> be more careful. i mean, sterilize everything. sanifies. -- sanitize. like you said, get the shot. the flu shot. i mean, this is nothing to sleep on. i never thought it would touch homes so close. >> reporter: as for destiny, she is still sedated in intensive care, but is expected to recover. >> my sister streamed -- screamed and hollered yesterday. came here. she's back. just rang over and over in my head that she's back. >> and that's good news. we're all thinking positive for destiny. now, meanwhile, city officials tell me that her case is very rare. she is the exception, not the rule. most people that would contract the h1n1 virus usually get over it in just a matter of days. we're live at the university of maryland medical center, in baltimore city. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you, jessica.
. the 7.2% unemployment rate has taken a toll on the amount of money coming in. baltimore city leaders are shirt building a new furlough plan. it calls for as many as 10 furlough days. city hall will not comment about the plan will go before the board of estimates next week. if you are looking for a job, several employees are looking for you. a job fair takes place from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. we have posted the information on our website. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon has added a new attorney to her team. she is a lawyer who has mostly represented accused drug dealers and people charged with violent crime. she has a lot of experience in front of baltimore juries. prosecutors turned them over in court. you can follow the latest on the investigation on our website. the political abbacy group acorn is making major changes, all after undercover video showed questionable activity at some of its offices, including one right here in baltimore. david collins has more on this story. >> in all of the videos, a couple poses as a pimp and a prostitute. they ask acorn for help. the worker ad
after being shot in northeast baltimore this afternoon at mclean boulevard and northern parkway. we're told the man was sitting on his bicycle at a bus stop when someone came up and shot him in the head. police are looking for a suspect. >>> a man who helped lobby for safety on route 32 in howard county has been killed in a crash on that very road. a very sad irony. authorities say 49-year-old brian emery of sykesville was stopped on northbound route 32 waiting to make a left turn when his car was hit from behind from a van yesterday evening. the car was pushed across the double yellow line and was hit by a truck. emery was pronounced dead at the scene. >>> charges may be filed against the producers of a video showing members of that group acorn giving tips on how to cheat on taxes. state prosecutors office compares the case to linda trip, getting monica lewinski to admit to an affair with president clinton. >> a woman pretending to be a prostitute and a pimp walked into the office of acorn. the pair were secretly taping the discussion as they talked about buying a house and how to
point put on life support t16 year veteran has since improved and his condition stabilized. in baltimore, brian cube letter, abc 2 news. >>> and the next time both teen suspects will be in court is october the 8th for their preliminary hearing. >>> a man and two teenagers have pleaded not guilty in what authorities are calling a hate crime. attorneys for kelvin lockner, 16-year-old emmanuel miller and zachary watson entered the pleas today. police say the three beat james rivet in an unprovoked attack last month as he was fishing in a waterfront park in baltimore. the three are set to face trial in december. >>> a white eventually sift for maryland accused of killing a guard is at a med ral prison in north carolina. 89-year-old james von brun will be evaluated for competency to stand trial. he is accused of shooting and kolzig steven t johns back in june. von brun was previously held at the dc jail. >>> 20 years in prison. that is the sentence for a park on the man who crashed a stolen truck into the side of a home in moncton last year killing the mother of three as she slept in her bed.
lot else. the baltimore book festival has wrapped up but the closures remain in effect. just reminding you of that. everything moving very well. j.f.x., 61 miles per hour south of the beltway. no problems on 95, 795 or i-70. you can see our drive times are looking good also. here's a live view of traffic. 95 into the ft. mchenry, problem-free so far this morning. harbor tunnel looks good, are too. we'll switch over to the harrisburg expressway just north of the beltway. so far so good here. an accident southbound just passed shawan. that's latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> lawmakers are cracking down on careless driving throughout the state. >> this morning the first of 51 speed cameras being placed throughout baltimore city will be unveiled. so a warning to you this morning. you may want to lay off the peddle. jennifer franciotti joins us live from northeast baltimore with more on the story. >> it's going to be hard for a lot of folks to get used to. on thursday a new state law will take effect allowing the speed cameras. that's when baltimore city along with the state highw
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